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Meet IMPOWER Coaching


We provide empowered structures for daily living and a roadmap to win in life with increased confidence.

Providing Positive Self-Development, and Social and Emotional well-being support for adults and youth.


Discovering the best version of yourself can lead you to an improved lifestyle with confidence, more peace, and a successful mindset as you overcome life's challenges! IMPOWER offers empowering coaching and counseling services for clients from all various backgrounds. See below Patrice D. Wilson's services to learn more and take advantage of an empowered and prosperous life!

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Power up with IMPOWER

Power Up!

Are you or someone you know feeling stagnant and having a desire to move forward?  Has a life event happened and you're still triggered? Recently unable to open up to others? Need a strategy for a life transition? Desiring to take your power back and reveal your strengths?

Discover your personal power and greatness through in-person or virtual coaching sessions! Through goal orientation (goal-setting and goal-planning), Patrice poses creative questioning and conversation with clients. She provides encouraging tools, resources, and practices (based on clients' goals) to help break down non-serving habits, devise uplifting strategies and increase confidence.

Session Price: Starting at $125.00 including onboarding (1- hour segment)


Be intentional as you power up

Intentional Self-Awareness Building

Have you found yourself doubting your expertise and gifts after trauma? Needing a balance between relationships, self-management, and social and self-awareness? Looking to restructure your follow-through in goals, dreams, and future planning with accountability?  

Applying positive intent with calmness, confident action, and a responsive mindset catapults you into more power and directs you towards your destiny. In this program, you will learn the following: how to discover and build on your strengths, how to tap into your potential, how to be positively effective both personally, academically, and professionally, and how to use your challenges to your advantage. Includes certificate of completion, coupon to complimentary sessions, empowerment best practices, tools and resources to be accessed anytime. 
Program pricing: (4-8 weeks): $600.00


The Confident You Empowerment Course

2.0 Empowering Guidance

Are you looking to grow or transform personally? Feel like you've given your power away and you want to bounce back? Looking for different thought patterns to strive for a promotion or elevate personally?

Try our online 3-hr course created and curated by Patrice D. Wilson! Get the empowerment, motivation, and tools to move forward, excel higher, and remove the limits that have been holding you back! In this online course, you will learn how to build upon your confidence, master your mind, increase self-awareness, break non-serving patterns and more! Includes empowered best practices, exercises, assessments, a complimentary session and a certificate upon completion. 

Tap into the 2.0 version of YOU today! 

Course price: $349.00


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Social and Emotional Wellbeing 

Providing strength-based services, and empowerment centering around self-management, social awareness, self-awareness, positive-relationship building, and responsive decision-making


Patrice Dillard-Wilson helps groups with a systematic coaching to help cohesion

True power lies within you. Actualize your potential!

Have a group setting that wants to elevate higher in life and feel confident for their next step(s)? Need positive partnering and cohesion?

From personal to academic and professional growth, Impower Coaching and Development wants to help individuals and groups win! We teach topics, life skills, and strategies that help overcome limitations and prepare for greatness.

Pricing varies


Empowering Students

Youth Engagement

IMPOWER provides positive youth development, social and mental well-being support, and goal orientation to high school students. We educate them on life skills and stress coping mechanism skills so that it will improve mental judgment, increase academic aspiration and establish confidence.


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